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In the 22nd Century, warring political factions hire freelance time travelers to go back in time and revise historical events in order to reshape the future. These freelance time travelers are known as TIMELANCERS.

Timelancers is a time travel themed set collection board game that utilizes worker movement, resource management, tableau building, contracts, and a modular game board. Players gather resources and travel back through time collecting real historical events to earn victory points.

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Revise the past.

Change the Future.

Defeat your Opponents.

Live on Kickstarter Now!

Funded on Day 1!

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What people are saying

Timelancers Review Quote Rahdo Runs Through

“This game does time travel in a real and meaningful way that is thematically strong and a lot of fun to boot.” – Rahdo

Timelancers Review Quote Meeple University

“Love the time travel theme, and trying to puzzle out the timeline orders to your benefit. Had fun playing!” – Meeple University

Timelancers Review Quote Foster the Meeple

“We freaking love that game!” – Jamie

“I’m a big history guy, so it’s really cool to see those events come out and they’re like actual events that happened. Thematically I very much enjoyed Timelancers.” – Jeff

Timelancers Review Quote GrantsGamesRec

“I love how the time travel theme fits with the mechanisms in the game. A ripple in time has repercussions.” – Grant Lyon

Timelancers Review Quote Board Game Coffee

“It’s easy to learn. And once you get going there’s a lot of different strategies with simple rules and I like that.” – Mark

Timelancers Review Quote Board Game Master

This game is superrrr coooll! I was excited to see they were actual events like: the invention of the wheel, the completion of the Taj Mahal, gulf war and the JFK assassination. Revising the events causing an actual ripple effect changing the events of other timelancers and locations in the map. Overall this game will definitely fulfilled your time travel fantasy with its creative and clever mechanics. Highly recommend it!” – V


“Timelancers is a brilliant game of strategy which embodies its underlying theme of time travel like no other game we have seen before.” – Meeples Abroad


“The most clever part of it for me is the combination of adjusting the state of the board and adjusting other players time machines when you revise events.” – Devon BoardGameCo

Tabletop Gaming Guild Logo

“I love the game. I really felt it flowed really well. I love those different events. I love the different discounts. I love chaining them on there because it’s really cool chaining those up to get your discounts to make things cheaper, better, or easier to get and it makes the game go faster and faster as time goes by which I really, really appreciate.” – James


“The steampunk setting paired with strategic time travel is a huge win!” – @board.game.dad

Timelancers Review Quote Justin Ables

“The game has some really great design behind it with time being a resource as my favorite!” – Justin @tabletopjables


“This is a really fun game. It’s super. It kind of like mind blows you.” – TableTop Vibes


“It’s a nice strategy game which is fairly easy to learn, but I feel like it’s very nuanced as well so there’s a lot of strategy involved in this, a lot of depth.” – Adam


Each player is a Timelancer and their goal is to gain the most merits to move up the ranks of the Timelancer hierarchy. Timelancers gain merits by capturing events and adding them to their time machines, completing faction goals, completing side jobs, adding time locks to events, upgrading their time machines, and by collecting money and resources.

The game is played over a series of rounds, with each player taking one turn each round. A player’s turn consists of making up to three moves – either in the city of Janusburg, their time machine, or a combination of both.

While in the city of Janusburg, players will move from city tile to city tile collecting resources needed to capture historical events.

When a player has enough time gems and resources, they will go to their time machine and revise or repeat events in order to capture them and add them to their time machine.

There are 4 types of historical events – Cultural, Military, Science, and Social. Each event will give the player money and also give the player special abilities that will make capturing future events easier.

For a traditional game, as soon as any player completes their faction’s 4 end goals OR captures 9 events, the end game begins. Each player that has not taken a turn during the round will take their turn. As soon as play gets back to the first player, the game immediately ends and players add up their merits. The player with the most merits wins.

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Timelancers Kylin Piece on Time Machine 3D
Timelancers Event Cards 3D

Play on Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator Timelancers Product Image

Play the current prototype version of Timelancers on Tabletop Simulator. It includes all of the components from the game needed to play a 1-4 player game. We will continue developing the game until we confirm the production process with the manufacturer, so please let us know your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to play!

Timelancers Playthrough

Kenny and Lee are two of the creators of Timelancers and they’ll show you a full two-player playthrough of a traditional game. Kenny will be playing as Kylin and Lee will be playing as Laran. You’ll get to see Timelancers gameplay in action, plus they will help to explain some gameplay rules as they go along.

Playtesting at Gen Con

We had a great experience playtesting Timelancers while at Gen Con 55. Over the course of the event, we held eight different two-hour play testing sessions.

Kenny & Lee at Gen Con

Kenny and Lee spent all of their time in the First Exposure Playtest Hall at lucky table thirteen. Over the course fo the eight sessions, thirty different gamers of all levels played and enjoyed Timelancers. They got a lot of great feedback for moving forward with the game.