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Timelancers Media

Timelancers Playthrough

Kenny and Lee are two of the creators of Timelancers and they’ll show you a full two-player playthrough of a traditional game. Kenny will be playing as Kylin and Lee will be playing as Laran. You’ll get to see Timelancers gameplay in action, plus they will help to explain some gameplay rules as they go along.

Cardboard Edison Video

Timelancers was a finalist for the 2023 Cardboard Edison Award which recognizes great unpublished board games. This is the video we submitted with our entry. It goes through the story and mechanics of the game and also tells a little of the development history over the past three years.

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Timelancers – How to Play

Before You Play will show you how to play a game of Timelancers. They’ll go over all of the rules, specifically for a two player game.

Rahdo runs through

Rahdo runs through Timelancers. Rando will show you several rounds of gameplay which will go through the basic rules of the game.

“This game does time travel in a real and meaningful way that is thematically strong and a lot of fun to boot.” – Rahdo

Timelancers – How to Play

Stella & Tarrant from Meeple University give you the full and concise rules for Timelancers, in The Dice Tower How to Play video series. There have been a few rule changes since the creation of this video, however, 90% of the rules are the same. The biggest change is how the Enforcers work.

Timelancers – Quick Preview

Board Game Coffee made an awesome, quick preview video that shows you all of the main mechanics of the game. In just about five minutes, it’ll give you a brief overview of what Timelancers is all about.

*Rules and components subject to change in final game.

Timelancers Playthrough

Jamie and Jeff of Foster the Meeple play a two player game of Timelancers and show you all of the rules and mechanics involved. They both play well, but Jamie absolutely crushes it!

“We freaking love that game!” – Jamie.

Timelancers Preview

Devon from BoardGameCo gives an in-depth preview of the gameplay of Timelancers.

“The most clever part of it for me is the combination of adjusting the state of the board and adjusting other players time machines when you revise events.”

– Devon BoardGameCo

Timelancers Preview

West goes over everything you need to know about Timelancers. The story, the mechanics, and most importantly, how to win!

Timelancers Preview

Tabletop Gaming Guild created a great preview video that showcases the prototype rules and components. Learn all of the ins and outs of Timelancers and hear their final thoughts at the end of the video.

*Some rules and components have been changed since the creation of this video.

Timelancers Review

Adam and Will from Die Rollin’ give you their full review of Timelancers.

“It’s a nice strategy game which is fairly easy to learn, but I feel like it’s very nuanced as well so there’s a lot of strategy involved in this, a lot of depth.” – Adam

Timelancers Review

TableTop Vibes offers up some of their favorite aspects of Timelancers and gives you an overall idea of the main mechanics in the game.

“This is a really fun game. It’s super. It kind of like mind blows you.”

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