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How to Play

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Goal of the Game

Players are Timelancers whose goal is to gain the most merits (points) as efficiently as possible so that they can move up the ranks of the Timelancer hierarchy.

Timelancers gain merits by capturing events, completing faction goals, completing side jobs, upgrading their time machines, and by collecting time locks, resources, and money.

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The game is played over a series of rounds, with each player taking one turn each round. A player’s turn consists of making up to three moves – either in Janusburg, their time machine, or a combination of both.

All Players on City Tiles

Players will collect resources for their mission while in Janusburg and then use those resources to capture events with their time machines.

Resource Cost and resources on card

Repeating or revising an event and placing it onto a time machine is known as capturing the event. Events currently on a player’s time machine are known as captured events.

Revise or Repeat Event Cards

Gameplay continues until a game ending condition is met. For a traditional game, as soon as any player completes their faction card’s 4 end goals OR captures 9 events, the end game begins.

Laran Completes Faction Card

Once the end game has begun, each player that has not taken a turn during the round will take their turn. As soon as play gets back to the first player, the game immediately ends and players add up their merits.

Kylin Player on Revise Middle Ages

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